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 KeyDuino v5.1 specs

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PostSubject: KeyDuino v5.1 specs   KeyDuino v5.1 specs EmptySat 10 Oct - 11:30

General specs

   Same size as an Arduino Leonardo
   Uses NXP PN532 chip for NFC
   Includes KeyDuino library


KeyDuino v5.1 specs Keydui11

   Input Voltage (Jack) – 7-12volts
   On board 5v & 3.3v regulator
   GPIO Pins – 20
   PWM channels – 7
   Analog input channels – 12
   Serial Communication: software UART, software SPI, I2C
   DC Current per I/O Pin - 40 mA

Technical specs

   Processor : ATMEGA 32u4
   Flash Memory - 32 KB.
   4KB used by bootloader.
   SRAM - 2.5 KB
   EEPROM - 1 KB
   Clock Speed - 16 MHz
   LED’s for serial communication (RX, TX), supply & D13
   NFC – PN532 connected by HSU
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KeyDuino v5.1 specs
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